Reclaimed Enterprises website is our most robust WordPress integration to date. It’s a shop, it’s a story, it’s reclaimed. There’s something for everyone here.

A Shop, A Story

Reclaimed Enterprises pushes Wordpress as a CMS to a new limit. A huge concern for large e-commerce sites on Wordpress is speed. After doing our homework, we settled on Shopp: a custom e-commerce plugin with rewritten database queries for maintaining a huge product catalog while keeping everything loading fast.

Shopp has some great features, but needed a lot of work. We rebuilt the front-end of Shopp from the ground up with new checkout functionality, lots of semantic HTML, and categorization with faceted drill-down menus so customers could find what they want with ease.

The menu on RE has been dubbed a "mega menu". It previews content, displays recent posts, and is fully responsive across all screens. A pretty big order while keeping HTML5 semantics for great Search Engine Optimization.

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Start With a Goal

Before we design, we start with interviews and goals so we know what we're trying to accomplish. For this site, we worked with Adobe Illustrator for preliminary style guides before diving into code. Every new element we build gets styled by these guidelines so everything is consistent and unified.

Here's an excerpt from our Design Overview for Reclaimed Enterprises:

For the design to easily communicate the project goals, we’ve drawn from the elements of deconstruction for the site. Clean pine, windows and brick for contractors and walnut, bronze, and barnwood to appeal to crafstmen and architects.