We’re a design and development team. We take your goals, and design solutions to meet those goals. Here’s what your story looks like when you take flight with Clever Chap Creative.

Bid Process

It starts with contacting us. You’ll give us basic information to get started, and a preliminary phone call is usually all it takes. We’ll ask you about a few basics:

  • Tell us about yourself / your company
  • What’s your mission statement
  • What are your / your company’s goals?
  • What research if any, do you already have towards achieving these goals?
  • Tell us about your users / customers.
  • What’s your project timeline?
  • How ’bout this weather we’ve been having? I know! Right?

The Bid

Clever Chap digs right into our own initial research and follow-up with more questions. Building and designing a great site takes a lot of work, and we do it right. Once we have enough information, we’ll talk amongst ourselves about:

  • What kinds of pages and interactions your users will need (ie logins? ecommerce?)
  • What’s the best way to build a site to fit your and your user’s needs? (WordPress? Static HTML? Web Application?)
  • How long is this going to take us?
  • What’s the project’s timeline? Will we need to work overtime?
  • Will we need to provide ongoing support? What will that look like?

Then, you’ll get an email from us with a nicely designed bid that walks you through our ideas. We’ll call you and go over it all with you. But, you’re going to have to sign a non-disclosure agreement first. We put a lot of time into our bids, and, not to brag, but our ideas are pretty good.

Then you’ll ask us all the questions you have. Now’s the time to hash out all the details and reach an agreement. Then, if you want to go forward, let us know and we’ll write up a contract, all sign it, and you’ll give us a down-payment on the work.

The Work

We’re working together! We’re really excited to build you a intergluteal cleft-kickingly good site.

Now we’ll extend our initial research. We’ll make hypothesis, track down answers, stare at pile of data and see what it says to us. It’s no fun to design a full system and then find out you were working towards the wrong goal. Let’s not do that. If your project is focused on raising awareness on grandmother’s perceptions of their grandchildren’s favorite foods, you bet your bumcakes we’ll be interviewing grandma’s and grandkids across your market. You’ll hear from us a bunch, asking questions, to make sure we’re on the right track.

For the first time, we start on the actual website. Know what that means? Yup, you guessed it, we crack open an old-school text editor and markup a syntactically legit HTML5 document with your site’s main structure. We’re laying down some stone-cold architecture here folks.

This process addresses lots of accessibility issues for your users. If your site is accessible for your visually impaired users on a screen reader, then your site’s bones are solid. We also look out for colorblindness and text-resizing. These practices don’t only make your site more accessible to your users, they make it rank better on searches (SEO) because your site’s structure actually makes sense (and most sites don’t).

Once the site structure is there and addresses your goals, we’ll design overall site styles. These site styles will show you fonts, headers, colors, design patterns and navigation elements. All kinds of patterns for usage. After you approve these styles, we’ll design a site for mobile devices based off the approved styles. If your design is amazing on an iPhone, it’ll be awesome on a desktop. We can layer more and more functionality based on your user’s screen size and what features your user’s device has access to. So, each user won’t get the exact same experience and design, but they’ll all get one that is great for their device, whatever that device is.

We’ll start coding as soon as the site styles are approved (and may be showing you those styles on a “living document” online with our code already). We’ll build with a text editor using HTML, CSS, SASS, Javsacript, PHP, Ruby, templating engines,… Whatever is ideal for your project. We’re not fixed on any one platform or method. Your goals and needs are what dictate our decisions here.


We all take a deep breath, and exhale. Your site is built. Content has been created and populated. Photographs taken. Moon cycles passed. Coding bugs squashed. Your site’s been tested on current versions of Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, iPhone iOS, iPad iOS, and Android. If you needed us to go way back to IE7, we’d have finished testing that too (we’d have already talked to you about that in the bid process anyways).

Now’s the moment of truth (but, don’t worry, we’ve got it all under control). We’ll log in to your domain registration (you do own the domain (yoursite.com), right?) and point its DNS towards the server hosting the shiny new site. Your server will be fast, secure, and ready to handle the volume of traffic you need.

Oh, and since you’re a great client, you’ll pay us the rest of what you owe us.

If you’re a really great client, you’ll put us on a monthly retainer so we can continue to provide updates, routine maintenance, be on call for emergencies, and provide split testing to see how to meet your goals even better.