We’re an All-In-One Digital & Design Team for Small Brands & Non-Profits.

We Know Web

We code our websites from scratch around your core message and objectives. Our sites are built for speed and ease of use, regardless of the device it is viewed on. We make updating a breeze so you can manage your content quickly and get back to doing what you do best.

Marketing, Design & Consulting

Like a good friend who will lovingly tell you that you've had salad in your teeth for the past half hour, we'll provide the outside perspective necessary to recalibrate your message. Need new marketing materials? We've got you covered. Need a gameplan on non-profit programming? We can help!

Manage that Brand

Stand out from the crowd and let Clever Chap give you a look and message that can quickly convey what you do while planting subliminal messages that you are the best at doing it.

Photo + Video

Treat your organization and brand to some professional photography from a seasoned photojournalist and portrait photographer. Rock your clients sideways with one of our top-notch full HD video productions.

Knock Off Socks

Go to the dentist to fix your toothache. Get an accountant to file your taxes. Let the four star chef tackle the meal for the big occasion. Hire Clever Chap when you are ready to impress your audience.